How to choose the right watch strap for you
08 Sep

How to choose the right watch strap for you

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         A watch is more than just a timekeeping tool in today's society. It also reflects a person's life style. Especially in the face of business activities, many people will wear watches, which will be of great help

         But wearing a watch I think everyone will encounter a problem, right?

 It's not that the strap is too big and slips off and is not beautiful, or it's too small. I can't wear it no matter how much I like it! This is also our topic today: how to choose the right watch strap for you.



         Let's take a look at the strap diameter first (pictured above)

        Most men nowadays think a watch with a diameter of 40-44mm looks good because it is a medium to large size for them. If you have smaller wrists then a 36mm watch is more suitable in some situations. But I think it's better to test it yourself when choosing the right strap.

        Method Ⅰ:
        You should use a tape measure to measure your wrist (which should be wrapped tightly) just behind the bony prominence of your wrist. If you don't have a tape measure, wrap a soft string or a piece of paper around your wrist. Remember, it must be the wrist on which you will wear the watch.Everyone's left and right wrists are generally different thicknesses.
        Method Ⅱ:
        It can be measured with a dollar bill. The modern dollar bill is 6 inches in diameter. Wrap it directly around your wrist to find the circumference of your wrist. If your wrists are 6-7 inches then you should have small to medium wrists.And if your wrist circumference is 7.5-8 inches then a diameter of 44-46 mm will be more suitable for you.

        Next, look at the thickness of the case (as shown below)

        Generally, as the diameter of the case increases or decreases, the thickness of the case also increases or decreases.The diameter is 38mm to 42mm and the thickness is about 7mm. But if the diameter reaches 44m, then the thickness increases to 9mm.

        Then let's take a look at the width of the strap (as shown below)

        It is not difficult to choose the width of the strap. Generally, if you wear a 40mm watch, the width is generally around 20mm, which is the best. It needs to be based on your style preference, not necessarily big and small.
        Finally remember! When choosing a size for your watch, you still have to choose a strap according to your own preferences. The points above are for reference only! Hope it can help you!

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