How to choose the right pair of running shoes for beginners
17 Aug

How to choose the right pair of running shoes for beginners

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I think many friends will encounter the same problem as me, that is, how to choose a suitable pair of running shoes, which should be the first problem that beginner runners need to solve.There are many related articles on the Internet now, and many running gods will recommend running shoes to everyone based on their own experience, such as brand, foot shape and so on.

I'm not a professional runner, and I can only be considered a beginner in my amateur career, so why should I recommend running shoes to everyone?I have read a lot of articles, which are very detailed, but this also causes many people to have difficulty in choosing.That's what I've written these words for, to provide as few options as possible and reach as many people as possible.

What kind of running shoes are right for you? Your own feet know best. For flat feet, choose supportive running shoes (the inner side of the running shoes is hard), and for high arches, choose cushioning running shoes (soft mid-sole), and normal feet are fine.What kind of running shoes should a first-time runner choose? I think they should choose running shoes that are easy to buy and cheap, and can run and go out on the street.Combined with my own clothes, I recommend running shoes from two brands of Nike and Adidas;

Why recommend these two pairs of shoes? First, it is easy to buy. Second, the price is cheap.

Some people say that these two brick-and-mortar shoe stores are not cheap. Please don't ignore the Internet gobuyluxury, we can try it in the store, if the price is right, you can buy it directly, if there is no discount, you can buy it online.Third, being able to run and go out on the street is the most important thing in my opinion.

Many people set themselves a good goal when they start running. They have all the tops, shorts, running shoes, and sports watches. When they really start, they find that it is not the case, and they give up after a long time. Except for running shoes, other Equipment can only eat ashes.

Think about your fitness card, how many times a year can you go? Running requires perseverance and perseverance. It is a good thing to persevere. It doesnt matter if you cant persevere. As a first-time runner, you need to consider that if I dont run in the future, the equipment I bought will still be able to be used in the future. Use it? All equipment, except for sports watches (it is recommended to wait until there is a certain amount of running before considering it), the most expensive is running shoes. Beginners who choose running shoes must consider running shoes that can take into account both sports and daily wear. Both pairs of shoes I recommend are suitable for sports, everyday wear.

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