If you want your bag to be new, these maintenance measures are very important
17 Aug

If you want your bag to be new, these maintenance measures are very important

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1. The bags material is basically made of animal skin and has a certain elasticity. Usually when we go out, don't stuff everything into the bag. Exceeding the load of the bag will destroy its shape, seriously break the strap and tear the texture of the leather surface.

2. Don't worry if your handbags is accidentally drenched in water, because the leather surface of some bags can be waterproof, such as: LV/Louis Vuitton Monogram Presbyopia series, the leather surface is soft, tough, waterproof, Anti-scratch, more practical. If the bag is wet, just dry it with a dry towel or paper towel. Do not take it out in the sun, it will burst. Not all bags are waterproof. Designers didn't think about waterproofing when designing bags, so try not to get water on expensive bags, and don't do experiments to see if your bags can be waterproof. The leather bag is easy to lose its luster and deform when it is wet with water, and the leather surface absorbs water and swells, resulting in the deformation of the embossed pattern. If the bag of pure fabric fabric is wet with water, it will shrink and cause deformation. So, please keep your bags dry and stay radiant for a long time.

3. If the foreskin surface is dirty, you can dip a towel in some water, twist it dry and wipe it clean. If it still doesn't work, don't rub hard, it's easy to wipe off the paint on the foreskin surface. Take it to a repair shop.

4. Not only to keep the outside clean, but also to pay attention to the inside of the bag. When drinking beverages or using cosmetics, remember to tighten them after use, and do not pour them into the bag. Don't get inside the chewing gum. Caring for your bag is important from the outside in.

5. When zipping the zipper, you should slowly pull it along the force. Don't pull it hard because of a sudden jam, which may easily lead to the bursting of the chain.

6. After using the bag, do not put it in disorder, do not put it on the ground, it may scratch or damage the leather surface. If it is a side shoulder bag, it can be hung up.

7. Usually do not carry it at home, remember to use a dust bag to pack the bag and put it in a cool place. This is not an ordinary bag, it is soft and breathable. When the bag is recycled in the future, this dust bag is also required, so don't throw it away.

8. For cowhide or sheepskin bags, you can usually use special leather care oil (skin lotion, Vaseline) to apply to the foreskin surface to keep the bag shiny. However, if the bag is made of suede, it cannot be oiled and it will discolor.

9. During the epidemic, do not use medical alcohol to disinfect, it will make the bag discolor. It can be sterilized by violet light irradiation.

10. Bags are easy to dye, do not put two bags of different colors together. New jeans fade easily, don't let your bag rub against your jeans.

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